Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is one of the simplest and most cost effective way of improving your house’s energy efficiency. A typical uninsulated house can lose 25% of its heat energy through the roof so upgrading your attic insulation can dramatically reduce the amount of heat energy escaping from your house. This offers obvious financial benefits and makes your home a more comfortable place to live. Insulation Plus offer 2 attic insulation services, rolled fiberglass and blown loft insulation. We also provide all the services needed to qualify for the attic insulation grant, these include pipe lagging, insulating water tanks, installing walkways to tanks, insulating trap doors and securing trap doors to prevent drafts.

Rolled fiberglass: We can install the highest quality rolled fiberglass insulation in a new or existing build from a depth of 300mm upwards.

Blown loft: We offer a mechanically installed blown loft granulate that has a number of advantages over rolled fiberglass insulation:

  • Quicker to install than rolls
  • No wastage
  • Minimises thermal bridging
  • No Settlement
  • Improves the acoustic performance of the ceiling


Before loft insulation is installed

After loft insulation is installed



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