Cavity Wall Insulation

Drilling 22mm holes

Many houses built over the last number of years have little or no cavity wall insulation. A typical uninsulated house loses 35% of its heat energy through the walls so installing cavity wall insulation can greatly reduce heat loss, which will in turn reduce your energy bills and make your house warmer.

  • Suitable for cavities from 50mm upwards
  • Can be used on existing houses or new builds

Filling Cavity through 22mm Holes

Insulation Plus are SEAI registered and NSAI approved contractors. Our cavity wall insulation uses high performance Thermobead Platinum® and is up to 20% better than conventional systems at insulating your house.

The ability of the bead to flow under applied pressure through strategically drilled 22mm holes, means it fills every void, producing a complete fill every time, with no cold spots. After the bead is installed the holes are filled with cement leaving no visible evidence of work carried out. With brick faced houses the holes can be drilled through the joints with no damage to the bricks.

SEAI Registration Number: 15234






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