Closed Cell Spray Foam

The main applications of closed cell spray foam is to insulate, stop condensation forming and reduce noise in commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

The foam can be applied to almost any surface (steel, concrete, asbestos etc). As it is sprayed, it increases in volume up 50 times, providing a fully adhered, continuous, solid, and airtight insulation layer. Because it is sprayed, the foam fits all shapes, corners, and cavities perfectly.

  • U-value 0.022 W/m2K
  • Creates a more comfortable enviroment in workshops and sheds
  • PreventsĀ condensation forming on roofs stoppingĀ drips (ideal for crop stores).
  • Reduces noise


Metal Studwork

Closed cell spray foam can also be applied to metal studwork in mass concrete structures. Insulation Plus can apply the closed cell foam to the full depth of the studwork completely flush with the studs. This is achieved by filling the foam slightly beyond the studs and planing back with a specially designed foam saw, ensuring a complete fill with no gaps behind the plasterboard.

For more pictures of closed cell foam applied to metal studwork click here

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